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Still looking

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I seem to go through these random “pot holes” in life. One minute the inspiration and energy are flowing and I’m heading down the road on cruise control. Then all of a sudden, I hit a large pot hole and I get stuck. My energy is completely drained, the free-flowing inspiration has come to an abrupt halt and I seem to be spinning my wheels.

I have all these great ideas on how to get back on the road but maybe that’s part of the problem–too many ideas! I find too many things that could potentially help me; I begin making lists and notes, sometimes on paper and often in my already-full brain. The piles start, the projects become numerous and then I find myself back in that damn pot hole!

Maybe it seems obvious to others but I honestly can’t figure out how to stop this vicious cycle.


Author: Noell Sole - Radiant Living

Noell is a Registered Nurse (RN) and mom of 4 with a passion to help others achieve and maintain optimal health and well step at a time, one day at a time! She has recently partnered with USANA Health Sciences and OneBody International to further increase her potential in helping others with their health & wellness goals!

One thought on “Still looking

  1. Reblogged this on Writings of a Once Little Girl and commented:
    I’ve been right where you are, but I learned a long time ago that life isn’t about how long we can walk along the tight rope, but how long it takes us to realize we’ve fallen off and gotten back on. Life is a cycle… No worries! 🙂

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