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This is me, Noell. I am not a big fan of having my picture taken and have very few photos of myself, hence the self-portrait.

I grew up in Colorado, near Denver, and I’m still here! I am a mama to 4 babes–Gracie, Buddy, Jeannie, and Feebster (my nicknames for them) and wife to Mark. Our home is full, six people and one canine, Jack and it is therefore a loud place to be. Having only been a mama for 5 years I am still navigating these muddy waters as a novice and quite frankly I will probably be doing so for the rest of my life!

I find peace and calm in praying…a lot. Intense sunsets, quiet walks, ducks swimming on an onyx-colored lake,  the smell of pine and cedar bring a calm to my soul. This place where I live is not short on beauty. I take long, deep breaths on a regular basis these days because quite frankly my friends, that is sometimes the only solution in clearing the clutter in one’s mind!

As a girl I would shut myself in my room and read books cover to cover, devouring the words and getting lost in the stories. I would gather my pencils, pens, crayons, markers and a pile of paper and draw for hours. Sometimes those drawing consisted only of random doodles, other times intricate floor plans of my dream home. Now, I have shelves lined with books most of which have a bookmark in them…words waiting to be read. The only time I take out the pencils and markers is when I am drawing with my little ones…rainbows, hearts, trains. I find solace and comfort in creating for these amazing little people. I want to create memories for them that will last well beyond my years and theirs. So for now the creativity consists of sewing, knitting, scrap booking, cross stitching, photography…all for those precious babes. One day I will create for myself again, but for now I will savor this season.

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