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Rooms to *live* in…a Pinterest post

Rooms to *live* in…

At this current time in our lives we are living in a space that we neither love nor hate. It’s a house, a place to keep warm, a place to lay our weary bodies and a place to eat a hot meal. We are truly blessed! Is it our ideal place? No.

We live in a tri-level house, built in the late 1970’s. So the main living area is on the main floor where the kitchen sort of “melts” into it, but not in a relaxing way. It’s pretty scrunched on this level, especially with four growing kiddos. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to live in a space where I am able to prepare meals while the kids are playing, doing homework or fighting loving each other within plain sight…preferably in an informal living room/family room, but our current situation is just way too small.

Now…while I didn’t specifially pin these photos onto Pinterest I did find the originating website from Pinterest.

I love just about everything about this family room, including the calming colors and the wood accents. And look at that beautiful patio outside complete with a stone fireplace!
Family Room traditional family room
What a warm space this is! I love the ceilings and everything about this design exudes comfort. I could imagine my family cuddling on the couches with a bowl of popcorn and a movie playing, while a fire is going in the fireplace.
Everything about this exudes warmth too (especially the fire, right?). Love the wood beams and floors; the recessed, built-in bookshelves below the side windows are a nice touch.

My latest obsession…

wood dining tables with bench seating. What a great way for a larger family to gather and share a meal!

This reminds me of what Laura Ingalls Wilder’s kitchen would’ve looked like! I love the rustic nature of this whole room but particularly the table.

(from Burlap and Blue)

I wish I could find where this image originally came from! I love so many things about this room…the floors, the table (of course), the chalkboard wall and just the pure space to run!

I should’ve highlighted bedrooms, I am so tired from this last week…Happy {upcoming} Monday!


Yearning to dig

in the dirt, that is!

This cold, snowy, icy weather has left me dreaming of warm spring days. Days when I can slip outside and plunge my hands into fresh soil. Gardening has become my escape from the craziness that has become our lives. Now that my little ones are getting a little more independent I’m looking forward to getting them more involved in gardening.

Enter Pinterest! I’ve found some lovely ideas and beautiful gardens. Take a look!

How clever is this wheelbarrow fairy garden? You can make it as complicated as you want or you can choose to use things you have around the house. Since I have little ones around we have a plethora of little toy figurines that I’m sure they would love to incorporate and make their wheelbarrow garden their own.

Ann egg garden! What a cute way to start seedlings! The best part? When transplanting all you need to do is drop the whole thing in the ground, because of course the egg-shell just decomposes while adding nutrients to the soil. I love how the author of the link above tied the egg-theme gardening to Lent too!

Yet another way to start your seedlings…in a citrus peel!

Love herbs but not so big on traipsing out to the garden in the middle of dinner time to cut a bunch? Here ya go, a back door herb garden in galvanized buckets. Genius! I love the tiers! Thinking I’ll probably do a theme herb garden…Italian herbs for bruschetta, caprese salad, spaghetti sauce…YUM!

Edible landscaping! Not only is it pleasing to the eye but it’s your own little produce section, right in your backyard! Plant lettuces, chard, carrots, kale…you name it!

And for the non-edible variety…

A beautiful array of succulents. I can’t wait to try succulents…I’m feeling optimistic since we live in succulent friendly zone.

Oh spring, you can’t come too soon!

Again he prayed, and the heavens gave rain, and the earth produced its crops.

James 5: 18

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Take a look…a Pinterest-inspired post on kitchens

English: Red Pinterest logo

Did I mention I love Pinterest?

As of right now I’m numbering 39 boards, 467 pins, and 43 likes. Yes, I’m a bit obsessed!

Take a look at the board I call “Kitchens to Cook In”(From CountryLiving magazine)

This is one of my favorites! The wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Chameleon. I love anything green and in this kitchen it’s just the right shade and right amount. This is such a clean, simple look with the buttery colored cabinets, the butcher block island counter top, the classic sink and faucets. I don’t need a huge kitchen, just one that is functional and well laid out!

(Originally from Elle Decor as seen on Lacquered Life)

Here are those beautiful (butcher block?) counter tops again as well as the glass-front cupboards and creamy colors.

(Originally from Design Sponge as seen on DwellingGawker)

Most people probably wouldn’t choose as galley-style kitchen, I know I purposely wouldn’t! Our current house, however, is a 1970’s tri-level (yuck!) with a horrible galley kitchen (double yuck!). If I absolutely knew that we would be staying in our house forever this is something I would do with our kitchen. It’s super stream-lined and while the cabinets aren’t my favorite I do like how they add to the clean look of the whole room.

Here are more views of this kitchen.

On that note, I hope the weekend was all that you hoped it to be! We’ll see you in the new week!