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Multitudes on Monday (February 27)


Hearing someone’s smile when you can’t see it **.

The voice rises, exudes excitement and warmth. This sound makes me well up with joy, makes me want to smile back.


A glass of cool, refreshing water. Quenches the thirst, washes the body of impurities.


Making my own soap! The smell of lemon verbena, stirring the creamy goodness.


**The person I specifically have in mind is a woman named Lisa Grace Byrne of WellGroundedLife. She has a wealth of information & inspiration for moms and non-moms alike. Every time I watch one of her videos or listen to an interview she’s conducted I can’t help but smile! Her voice expresses her emotions, you can really tell when she’s smiling…a gift that she gives to others.

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The Man in the Corner

I sit there, exhausted, worn, maybe a bit sad, a little angry. Still thinking about how our last few days has gone…kids fighting, feeling overwhelmed. And then, I look over…

And elderly man with a worn body. Hands open, ready to receive, giving thanks, praising, singing. His eyes are closed, a gentle smile on his face. A tear runs down mine.

I can only imagine what this man has seen in his lifetime. Friends and loved ones come and go. Children born and leave. Hope, grief, excitement, love, sadness. And yet, here he is…years and years into his lifetime with this frail body and his once strong hands still receiving, still praising, still singing!

The Lord has been good to him, He has been good to me in showing me this believer…showing me that all things are possible in Him.

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Multitudes on Mondays


Gift #2

These feet. They have taken me many places, both good and bad. They have led me away from God more than once; and they have led me back to Him. They have taken me to places of beauty, places of sorrow, places of anger, places of love. They led me to God’s gifts to me…my salvation, my husband, my children, my family and friends. Where will they take me today, tomorrow, the next day? Only God knows and I am willing to trust Him.


Keep Praying!

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God‘s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Keep praying. That’s what I am reminding myself all day today. Pray for energy when you know that you have none. Pray for patience when your reserves have almost expired. Pray for the ability to recognize when something precious is staring you in the face, even if it’s screaming at you while you’re changing her diaper. Pray for the wisdom you’ll need when answering difficult questions. Pray for the strength to admit that you’re not taking care of yourself and that the best thing for everyone would be if you started. Pray!