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Multitudes on Mondays

Some of the biggest blessings are often the simplest, don’t you agree?

Mine from yesterday:


Being able (barely) to stay awake during the message at church yesterday, even though I was so completely exhausted.


Being served a hot meal by our church when we were so hungry and honestly, we didn’t know if we’d be able to afford any food.


Having just a few minutes to rest my eyes before I had to continue with the day


Spending time with my baby without any one else around, watching her play on the floor (and play in my knitting)



Not feeling obligated to tackle the pile of laundry that is building


Watching 3 of my kiddos excitedly open up Valentine’s from their grandparents, because getting mail is really that exciting to them!


Spending time with the Lord, even if it’s while I’m sweating at the gym