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It Takes a Village…

to raise a child {~unknown source, African proverb}

We don’t often acknowledge this anymore in our culture. We are self-sufficient, too busy, too proud, too stubborn. Asking for help is seen as a sign of weakness.

Sometimes it takes a near-tragedy, a loss of some sort or just a “wake-up call” to prod us into realizing that we can’t do it by ourselves that there are people in our lives that loves us and are more than willing to lend a helping hand, deliver a meal, sit and talk, babysit our kids while we go out for a breather.

Tonight my “village” was a dear friend with three small kids of her own. She could have easily {and gently} pushed me out the door, it was her eldest daughter’s 4th birthday party after all and we had stayed well beyond the end of the party. Instead she welcomed me and my four babes with open arms, fed us, kids played, kids bathed {imagine five kiddos in a standard-size bathtub!} and sent us home tired, happy, bellies full, hearts full.

{Blessing #50}

Our youngest babes sharing

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Snow Day…be gone!

Idyllic right? Schools are closed. Snow is steadily falling. The house is warm. Hot chocolate, cozy blankets, knitting while the kids nap. Yes, all those things have been included in our day. So how is it that I am probably one of the only people in my circle of friends that is less than thrilled with this snow day?

I’m feeling cooped up, restless, exhausted and let me be brutally honest…my kids are not my favorite people right now. Hard to imagine, right? These adorable little people, with pure hearts, laughter that is contagious…how could I not want to be around them on this cozy day?

I think we’re all a bit stir crazy. They are getting toys out, just to get them out. ‘Sharing’ is not in their vocabulary today, even if one is merely looking at their coveted toy he/she goes berserk! The demands are high and the supply is low. I’m operating off very little sleep and not just because a certain 10-month-old is miserably constipated and unable to sleep but also because…(no, I’m not constipated! sorry, couldn’t help but throw that in there!) my mind is racing.

Laundry is piling up. I can’t stop eating sugar. Are we going to have enough money this week to fill up the gas tanks and buy groceries? Ugh, we need a new mattress pad; this one is ripping and it’s about 10 years old! I want to workout but I can’t seem to get myself going. Oh crap, I need to help Gracie with her homework…she’s only in kindergarten, why the hell does she have homework?

And on, and on, and on.

But then…

Sugar on snow! (Insert the sugar and all is okay!) A tradition that my husband’s family took part in while he was growing up and now it’s quickly becoming a favorite with our family.

All of this craziness with the three younger babes.

To get these moments.

And then they went to bed!! And the day was finally over!